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Morgan attends Little Giants with her mother everyday; whose aspirations included weight loss and becoming healthier overall. Morgan has been a member for three months, and it is hard to believe that she initially was unable to perform any high impact movements or much cardio endurance. Giving up is never an option at Little Giants, and within a few weeks time and with great resiliency, Morgan's energy and strength has skyrocketed. The most gratifying aspect to Morgan's story, is that her mother was inspired to the point of working out as does her daughter. Currently, Morgan's bright smile never falters during group workout routines and she has lost nine pounds, which is substantial for a child. Her success is also proven in her ability to not only complete the workouts, but to also encourage those around her to never give up on themselves. Morgan embodies the optimistic LG spirit; to just keep moving.    



Nine-year- old Aiden was brought to Little Giants by his caring mother; who voiced various behavioral concerns. Aiden had been known to express his emotions in anger, leaving his mother feeling exhausted and exasperated. Little Giants was extremely happy to welcome Aiden into our mentoring and exercise programs. In doing so, Aiden has calmed down tremendously and looks forward to attending each gym day, even on his off days. Aiden still experiences some challenging moments; however, he has learned that he can communicate much more effectively by remaining calm; as he redirects the negative energy using a variety of coping techniques that he has acquired. We are so proud of the developmental strides that Aiden is making; and he does not hesitate to contact Coach Calvin at any time because Aiden recognizes that his coach will be there for him. It is beyond rewarding to witness Aiden, recognizing his own strength; surpassing any goal or milestone presented to him inside and outside of LG's doors.



When Emily became a member of Little Giants; it was on her own accord. She visited our facility and was welcomed with open arms. Emily experienced a challenging upbringing, as she helped her grandmother raise her younger siblings. Doing so not only demanded that she mature at a faster pace, but Emily felt much stress. Coach Calvin trained Emily at no cost, and his role at times required him to wear the hats of a coach, mentor, and counselor in order to provide proper guidance and to instill hope in Emily's young life. LG is extremely proud that she graduated from high school and enlisted into the military. Until this day, Emily sends messages to the coaches, providing updates and expressing gratitude. We are so humbled to know that our services truly do have a sustaining impact on at least one child, because every single member surely leaves a lasting impression with every trainer. 



Matthew's story is one of hope that many children may unfortunately relate to. The misfortune is that Matthew has been the subject of bullying. No child deserves that! Therefore, Matthew was brought to LG by his concerned father, to enroll him into the Boxing Academy to learn self-defense skills. We take so much honor in providing Matthew with a safe space, where his confidence and self-esteem has improved a great deal. The boxing academy has also taught Matthew the discipline behind when and how to defend himself. According to an email from Matthew's father; LG has made a significant impact on their lives. We are beyond humbled and will remain dedicated to answering the calls of our communities. 

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